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Issipile (Bioni) Szczecin 2021 Pohl Tryfona Przybysz

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  • Date Published: 2021  
  • Format: Streaming
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The project is based on an idea by Eleni Ioannidou, who discovered the manuscript of the opera in the archive of the Society of Friends of Music in Vienna. This enabled the first ever performance of an opera by the Venetian Antonio Bioni. He was one of the two court composers of the Opera of Wroclaw, which was founded in 1725 by the Habsburg rulers in Silesia. The Italian with his entire opera troupe lived in Wroclaw at that time and wrote for this opera house around 24 operas, mostly on them on Libretti by important Italian poets, as was the fashion in Vienna at that time. Most of them are based on libretti by the outstanding Italian librettist Pietro Metastasio.
Like most Metastasio libretti, “Issipile” is inspired by Greek mythology. It’s a dark story taking place on the island of Lemnos after the return of the Argonauts.
The women of the island, led by Eurinome, want to take revenge on the long absence and infidelity of their men and murder them. Princess Issipile tries to save her father, King Toante, from this crime. Since she has to do it in hiding, many complications arise because one of her fiancée Giasone, who cannot deal with the idea of the cruelty of his fiancée.
The music of Antonio Bioni, with rich melodies and wonderful orchestration give to the singers the opportunity to sing dramatic and lyric arias of extreme beauty. As the opera is written in year 1732, already can be recognized the first signs of the Vienna-classicism.
The particularly rich and intense story, as usual in the baroque opera, is staged by the director Piotr Jedrzejas in the impressive villa of the industrialist August Lentz in Szczecin, which was restored in 2020.

The plot of the opera is based on Greek mythology and takes place on the ancient island of Lemnos. Issipile, the king’s daughter, discovers a plot and plot devised by the wives of the royal soldiers. Jealous, offended and spurned women plan revenge and murder their husbands during bacchanalia – a feast in honor of the god Bacchus. Issipile destroys these plans, saving her father’s life, but this is not the end of the heroine’s tragic fate. Bioni’s composition is a captivating story, modeled on Greek dramas, about love, revenge, betrayal and pirates. The beautiful libretto of the opera was willingly used by contemporary composers such as Scarlatti, Hasse, or Gluck.
The Baroque opera Issipile was composed in 1732 by Antonio Bioni – an Italian composer and singer active in Silesia and the Czech Republic. The libretto was written by Pietro Metastasio – an Italian writer, librettist and poet at the Viennese court.
The premiere of the opera is an attempt to revive a valuable and unique cultural heritage and to introduce the work of the Venetian composer to Polish audiences.

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