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FULL Ines di Castro (Persiani) Jesi 1999 Dragoni Sempere Gagliardo

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The first performance took place at the San Carlo Theater in Naples in the autumn of 1835.

The scene is partly in the palace of Coimbra, partly in the castle of Ines. The era goes back to 1349

The plot tells of the secret love between Ines de Castro and the heir to the throne of Portugal, Don Pedro, who despite being promised to the infant of White Castile, had two children with Ines and married in great secrecy. Pedro’s father, King Alfonso, is informed by the perfidious Gonzales of the secret affair, and has the children kidnapped by them; therefore when Ines bursts into court, desperate, in search of her own children, she reveals the affair between her and Pedro, and is arrested. However, the pain of the young mother moves Alfonso and Bianca to pity, who decide to leave her free and marry her beloved. But Gonzales, seeing that his plot has failed, decides to make Ines drink a poison and slaughter the two children. Alfonso dies of grief, and Pedro, having become the new king, vows to punish Gonzales, escaped from court after the murder and avenged his children, his father and Ines, who in the meantime, amidst the agonies of poison, fell into delirium. In the common horror, the girl dies, while Pedro lashes out at Gonzales, caught and captured, and kills him.

Musical structure
Act I
No. 1 – Introduction What an outrage! The greeting doesn’t make … (Chorus, Gonzales)
N. 2 – Cavatina by Alfonso Your cravings, the long cry (Alfonso, Gonzales, Chorus)
N. 3 – Cavatina by Ines When the heart in you kidnapped (Ines, Chorus)
No. 4 – Duet between Ines and Pedro Che non dire al cor trembling (Ines, Pedro, Coro)
No. 5 – Finale I From joy to spread (Coro, Bianca, Alfonso, Gonzales, Rodrigo, Pedro, Ines, Elvira)
Act II
No. 6 – Duet between Alfonso and Pedro Tanto therefore, or daring son (Alfonso, Pedro, Rodrigo, Coro)
No. 7 – Romanza by Ines Nel sorrow is the entire past
No. 8 – Trio between Bianca, Ines and Alfonso The disdain of two kings, the ire
No. 9 – Introduction Nefarious excess! wicked! unheard of! (Choir)
No. 10 – Aria di Pedro The horror made me motionless (Pedro, Coro, Rodrigo)
No. 11 – Final Aria by Ines Prence because so sad (Ines, Elvira, Coro, Bianca, Pedro, Gonzales, Rodrigo)

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