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FULL Il Cordovano (Petrassi) Reggio Emilia 1995 Antonucci Ruffini De Mola

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Information on the Performance
Information about the Recording
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  • Date Published: 2021  
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Quote from GBOpera:

Opera on a libretto by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, translation by Eugenio Montale.
First performance: Milan, May 12, 1949 (first version)

Donna Lorenza (soprano), married to the old man is very jealous Cannizares (bass), complains to her niece Cristina (soprano) and to the neighbor, Donna Hortigosa (mezzo-soprano), about her sad fate. Hortigosa thinks about how to alleviate the pains of the young Lorenza and devises a stratagem: with the excuse of selling a Cordovan (a tapestry) to the old Cannizzares, she lets a young man (mute character) enter the house, who ends up in Lorenza’s room. This, happy with the surprise, sings happily, and Cannizares, who at first thinks that his wife is joking, eventually becomes suspicious and wants to go into his room, but is hit full by a basin of water. Cristina taking advantage of the confusion to get the young man out of Lorenza’s room. She begins to inveigh against her husband who dares to take her reputation so poorly. In the final the guard (baritone), a Musico (tenor), dancers and Hortigosa, enter attracted by the din caused by the marital quarrel. But everything will end with dances and songs.

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