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FULL Glagolitic Mass (Janáček) Boston MA 2007 Marjorie Elinor Dix, Mary Phillips, John Bellemer, Gustav Andreassen

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  • Published by: Jonathan McPhee  
  • Date Published: 2023  
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Quote from Wikipedia:
The Glagolitic Mass (Czech: Glagolská mše, Church Slavonic: Mša glagolskaja; also called Missa Glagolitica or Slavonic Mass) is a composition for soloists (soprano, contralto, tenor, bass), double chorus, organ and orchestra by Leoš Janáček. The work was completed on 15 October 1926 and premiered by the Brno Arts Society, conducted by Jaroslav Kvapil, in Brno on 5 December 1927. Janáček revised the mass the next year. The Glagolitic Mass is one of the most remarkable and important musical religious works of the twentieth century.

The Glagolitic alphabet was an early Slavic alphabet, the predecessor of the modern Cyrillic alphabet. In Croatia, the Catholic Church gave permission for the Roman Rite liturgical Mass to be celebrated in Old Church Slavonic at a time when such liturgies were typically only permitted to be in Latin, resulting in the Glagolitic Use Mass.

Eight movements:
Úvod – Introduction (orchestra)
Gospodi pomiluj – Kyrie
Slava – Gloria
Věruju – Credo
Svet – Sanctus
Agneče Božij – Agnus Dei
Varhany sólo (Postludium) – Organ solo
Intrada – Exodus (literally, entrance)

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