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FULL FLAVIO, re de’ Longobardi (Handel) Bayreuth 2023 Julia Lezhneva, Max Emanuel Cenčić, Yuriy Mynenko

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  • Published by: BR-Klassik  
  • Date Published: 2023  
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Flavio, re de’ Longobardi (“Flavio, King of the Lombards”, HWV 16) is an opera seria in three acts by George Frideric Handel. The Italian-language libretto was by Nicola Francesco Haym, after Matteo Noris’s Flavio Cuniberto. It was Handel’s fourth full-length opera for the Royal Academy of Music. Handel had originally entitled the opera after the character of Emilia in the opera.

Flavio is unusually concise for an opera by Handel of this period. It is also notable as a skillful blend of tragedy and comedy, both in the text and the music, and for being one of Handel’s few operas to feature leading roles for all major voice categories of his day – soprano, contralto, castrato, tenor and bass.

Handel completed the score only seven days before the premiere, at the King’s Theatre in the Haymarket on 14 May 1723. There were eight performances in the premiere run. The work was revived on 18 April 1732, under the direction of the composer, for four performances.

There were no further revivals until it was rediscovered and performed in Göttingen on 2 July 1967. The first UK performance since Handel’s time was on 26 August 1969 at the Unicorn Theatre in Abingdon-on-Thames, England. As with all Baroque opera seria, Flavio went unperformed for many years, but with the revival of interest in Baroque music and historically informed musical performance since the 1960s, Flavio, like all Handel operas, receives performances at festivals and opera houses today. Among other productions, Flavio was performed at the New York City Opera in 2007 and by English Touring Opera in 2009

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