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FULL Fire Shut Up in My Bones (Blanchard) Met 2021 Angel Blue Latonia Moore Speedo Green

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  • Date Published: 2021  
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Opera, to a libretto by film director and screenwriter Casey Lemmons, tells the story of the life of a young man who overcomes many hardships and difficulties on his way.

Act I
Charles Blow, 20, drives to Louisiana with a gun in the front seat of his car. Fate draws him to where he spent his childhood. Childhood memories flash before his eyes.
Seven-year-old Charlie and his mother Billy. The boy wants affection, but Billy is too exhausted to pay attention to him. The family is very poor. Billy works at a poultry farm, but dreams of his son getting a good education and leaving town. Her husband Spinner is a womanizer and a spender. Upon learning of his infidelity, Billy points a gun at him. She does not shoot, but she kicks her husband out of the house and, with her five sons, moves to Uncle Paul. Charlie dreams of a better life and picks up “treasures” in the junkyard, listening to the song of Loneliness. One day Chester’s cousin comes to visit. Chester sexually harasses the boy, but Charlie is too scared to complain. Remembering all this, the grown-up Charles cries. But Fate reminds him that there is no other way out.

Act II
Charles becomes a teenager. Confusion and anger are raging in him. The pastor in the church baptizes everyone and promises that the Lord will wash away all sins. Charles decides to be baptized, but he is still haunted by painful memories. He tries to talk to his brothers, but they do not want to listen to any “snotty chatter.” Loneliness reappears and promises that she will be his eternal girlfriend. Charlie’s dreams are interrupted by the appearance of a beautiful young girl, Evelyn. The young people liked each other. Charles feels a surge of confidence and finally decides to take his life into his own hands. Grambling University offered him a full scholarship. Billy is left alone and reflects on how much she donated for her family, and what will happen next.

In college, Charles is bullied by fellow students. He steadfastly endures all the bullying – pain is not new to him. In a nightclub, he meets the beautiful Greta, they have a passionate romance. Charles eventually reveals his nightmarish secret to Greta, but learns that she is dating another. Charles is alone again. Wanting to hear his mother’s voice, he calls home, and, to his horror, Billy announces that Chester has come to them again. Charles decides to take a weapon, return home and deal with Chester.
Charles sits in his car on a dark highway and contemplates the choices before him. Fate sings to him again and seductively promises to accompany him until the bloody denouement. Finally, Charles arrives at the house, but then little Charlie appears and persuades him to end his hatred. Charles will have to decide whether to pursue his revenge or start life from scratch

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