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Everest – a graphic novel opera (Talbot) Dallas TX 2021

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  • Video Recording from: Dallas Opera     FULL VIDEO


Everest follows the true-life stories of three climbers, Rob Hall, Doug Hansen, and Beck Weathers as they attempt to summit Mount Everest in 1996. With the first page turn, we fly across and into the depths of Everest with the spirits of those who have lost their lives on its slopes. The crackling mountain, the prevailing wind, the power of nature abounds. Throughout the film we move between the climbers’ present realities on the mountain, that of their loved ones, and their pasts as they slip in and out of consciousness. As the film begins, we meet Rob, the expedition leader who has just reached the summit – 30 minutes past the safe turnaround time. His client Doug is 40 feet below him. In a separate timeline, we meet Beck, semi-conscious on the South Col and hallucinating about his life back in Texas – in particular his daughter Meg who appears to him. Doug finally reaches the summit but is struggling to maintain consciousness – it will be up to Rob to get him safely back down the mountain. Meanwhile, a large storm hits below the summit, making their descent even more treacherous. Through Rob’s memories and an extraordinary phone call, we also meet Rob’s pregnant wife Jan Arnold in New Zealand. As the climbers struggle to reach safety through the storm, we experience with them the brutal realities of Everest and the power of human conviction. At its emotional core, this is a story about the value of each breath and step we take. It goes beyond the physical feat of conquering Everest, to explore the enduring appeal of overcoming the limits of human ambition and the collective hope we derive from challenging ourselves in the world’s most unforgiving places.

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