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FULL Eugene Onegin Russian Movie 1958 Vishnevskaya Kibkalo Grigoriev

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  1. I remember seeing this film when it was released. Sixty years later my appreciation is deeper. I very much like the singing, and the locations, costumes etc. are enchanting. The casting of the actors is amusing — I have a special place in my heart for Olga, with her round face “like the moon,” in Pushkin’s words. I watched this in tandem with the Metropolitan Opera 2013 production with Netrebko, and I think I prefer this 1958 version with Vishnevskaya.

  2. I just read one of the male singers in this lovely Soviet film was a famous artist now dead. Does anybody know who he was? Thank you..

  3. Absolutely charming. I love this Soviet film so carefully done. The tenor was the best singer. I wonder if he was Kibkalo or Grigoryev. Sooner or later I’ll find out.

  4. So: Vadim Medvedev was the actor playing Onegin / Yevedny Kibkalo was the singer (Onegin’s voice) // Igor Ozerov was the actor playing Lensky and Anton Grigoryev was the tenor and Lensky’s voice.


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