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FULL Edward and Richard: The True Story of the Princes in the Tower (Voltz) Brisbane 2021

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  • Published by: Alexander Voltz  
  • Date Published: 2021  
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“If only they had drowned…”

Nearly five hundred years later, these words still ring hauntingly. Today, we can only imagine the anguish of Elizabeth Woodville, a mother who loved her children so ferociously that she wished for them to drawn rather than endure crueller fates.

London, 1483. The decline of the Late Middle Ages. If you close your eyes, you can imagine it. Hear the sound of hooves clopping over cobblestone. Smell the dirt and the sweat and the wet clothes. See the streets, their buildings. Feel the shadowy corners, the recesses. And behold, above all, the people. Their faces, their plight. Their devious and selfish schemes.

This is a world driven by the powerful and the ruthless. Secrets and lies are traded for small truths, and life is a cheap – if not attractive – currency to barter. In a world dominated by arrests, murders and battles, it seems impossible that Elizabeth Woodville could have protected her children. This tragic sentiment lies at the heart of ‘Edward and Richard’ and has continued to surface as a poignant theme during rehearsals.

It has been especially enlightening to meet and work with Susan Ellis. She has completely embodied the character of Elizabeth Woodville, bringing ‘Edward and Richard’ to life through, virtually, vocal acrobatics. Supported by Stuart Quill and Catherine Upton, my hope is that Susan will delight, surprise and shock you with the true story of the Princes in the Tower – though not necessarily in equal measure!

(C) Michelle Carey 2021


It is difficult to remember a time when ‘Edward and Richard’ has not been omnipresent in the musical lives of Alexander and I. Since 2018, this ambitious project, driven relentlessly by the composer, has steadily come to life, finally crystallising into a compelling performance that we are delighted to share.

The outstanding artistic abilities of soprano Susan Ellis portray protagonist Elizabeth Woodville as emotionally complex: at times benign, at times almost toxic, but always mindful of the welfare of her young charges. Voltz’s unique harmonic language, also complex, subtly adapts to the tensions and indulgences of the plot in a manner that blurs the boundaries between consonance and dissonance. Melodic material, particularly in the ensemble, and characterised by strong motific foundations, conveys a sense of unity in the overall structure of the work.

The intricacies of the score have led to many challenging ensemble rehearsals, and there is no doubt in my mind that without the generosity and talents of our musicians this project would not have come to fruition. There has been a strong ommitment of time over an extended period, and I am sincerely grateful for the support of my colleagues. We have been privileged to rehearse and perform in class-leading facilities at St Rita’s College, where we have received exceptional support.

I do hope that you are engaged by our performance of ‘Edward and Richard: The True Story of the Princes in the Tower’.

(C) Bradley Voltz 2021

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