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FULL Edmea (Catalani) Wexford 2021 Duperls Shcherbatykh Ganci Molloy Kim

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  • Date Published: 2021  
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XVII century: the action takes place in Bohemia, in a castle on the banks of the Elbe river and in its vicinity.

Act I
Edmea is saddened by Oberto’s upcoming departure for a long journey. Oberto and Edmea meet again one last time and swear by the picture of his deceased mother to love each other forever. Ulmo is in love with Edmea even though he knows of her feelings for Oberto. He hopes that the Oberto’s departure will open up the possibility of conquering Edmea’s heart.

The Count knows and disapproves of the love between his son, Oberto, and Edmea. He decides, by virtue of his authority, that Edmea will marry Ulmo. Ulmo asks Edmea to marry him and live like brother and sister if she can’t love him, but Edmea does not agree. Edmea, forced to sign the wedding deed, throws herself desperately into the Elbe river that flows near her, in which, following her, Ulmo also disappears.

Act II
Edmea and Ulmo have managed to escape the waters of the river, but Edmea, having lost her reason, believes she is the Elbe fairy in search of a king who once loved her. The two arrive at a tavern, where Ulmo introduces himself as Edmea’s brother. As the host refuses to house them, they are invited by Fritz and other jesters to set out with them. They are on their way to the home of Baron Waldeck who is celebrating the birth of his first child.

Waldeck’s guests also include the Count and Oberto, who is still desperate for the loss of Edmea, and he wanders gloomily around the palace without participating in the general joy. When the jesters arrive at the palace, Oberto immediately recognizes among them the voice of Edmea, who, upon seeing him again, to the amazement of all, finds reason again. Oberto, casting a defiant glance at his father, escapes with Edmea. Ulmo is left in despair for having saved the young woman just to return her to his rival.

Oberto has brought Edmea back to his home, but he is unaware of the wedding celebrated with Ulmo. Edmea reveals to him that she is married with Ulmo near the tomb of Oberto’s mother. The two plan to flee when Ulmo, very pale, arrives.

Oberto threatens him with a dagger, but Ulmo reveals that he has decided to kill himself to eliminate any obstacle to the union between him and Edmea. Reassuring Oberto that Edmea is still pure, Ulmo asks, as his only reward, to receive a kiss on the forehead from Edmea when he will be dead. He is certain that he will feel it in her heart. Oberto calms down and agrees, but Ulmo dies.

The Count arrives, bringing to Oberto the news that he has obtained the dissolution of the wedding. Oberto shows his father the corpse of Ulmo, and while Edmea fulfills the last wish of the deceased, he asks everyone to prostrate themselves as at the altar of a saint.

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