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FULL DON PASQUALE Birmingham 2021 Opera Novella

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  • Video Recording from: YouTube     FULL VIDEO

“It’s funny, it’s sharp, it’s sometimes a bit crazy: you can see why it’s become popular with audiences and opera companies alike.”

“This was a terrific production by director Janet Phillips. The acting was uniformly alive and cheeky – the three boys and two girls…were uniformly good and sometimes original and inventive, both when directed (pretty closely) and when improvising, always artfully.”

“Michael Lam in the title role…has a lovely voice, baritone merging into bass, which impressed every single time he opened his mouth. Comparably fine, and a little more characterful (as he has to be) was Yuen Howang as ‘Malfie’ (Malfitano in the original), But the singing of both had poise and flexibility AND character.”

“Claire Hollocks made a neat Despina-like…character out of the soubrette, here theatrical ‘dresser’, Marie: she could have overacted, but stayed just the right side of comedy. I liked the amorous nephew ‘Ernest’ (Donizetti’s Ernesto), a smaller but pleasingly telling role for tenor Roger Paterson, the more realistic rival to Pasquale for Norina’s hand. Finally as Norina herself, the opera’s heroine and subject of universal attention, Roxanne Korda was ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. What a fabulous, rich, exciting voice, managing coloratura at both ends. She should be up there with the best; and I bet you she will be.”

– Roderic Dunnett, Behind the Arras. (…)

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