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FULL DON GIOVANNI Chieti 2002 Luciano Miotto, Doina Dimitriu, Alex Esposito, Manrico Signorini

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The second show produced for Chieti is more consolidated; the Theater has just been recognized as Teatro Lirico d’Abruzzo and invests in a proactive show, the staff of collaborators moves to the venue, the choice of young artists is meditated and experimented, that of the boy protagonist (Alex Esposito) at his debut in the inspired role by a charism that his future will confirm. Sergio Rendine, artistic director, involves Arruga in an alchemical proposal, an internal force that is felt in the magical violence of energy of Don Giovanni, tension of a path to purify the soul. The Spanish set designer Mexia made it her own, evoking a strong, Andalusian Spain, with Arab traces, the corroded brilliance of the metals set against the solemnity of the stone of Catholic Spain. This stony Spain arranged, in the scene, on a large triangle facing forward which prevents the circle of Don Giovanni’s world from closing. Spaces, signs, visions of history where Arruga has to “bring the characters to life as they are: real, light, at the exact meeting point – intangible – between realism and myth.(…) It’s a bigger thing, which exalts me and makes me want to shut myself up elsewhere: the expectation of a kind of wonderful, fatal, absolute moment in which all the uncatchable and all the deep and natural true are united, that Mozart’s light and overwhelming force can also reach through me with the same certainty and with the same friendship” (L. Arruga, from the Sala program)”.
The outcome was flattering, the work and dedication of the artists was exciting. But in Chieti the video was underestimated, and the troupe, unprepared, recorded only a live montage at the first performance. For the second performance, an emergency crew arrived from the “Otto e mezzo” studio in L’Aquila, to save the need for documentation.

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