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FULL Don Gil de Alcalá (Penella) Elda 2022 Mari Cruz Payá, Christian Lindsey, Javier Rubio

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  • Published by: OCTAVIO LOPEZ LORENTE  
  • Date Published: 2023  
  • Format: Streaming
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  • Subtitles: nosubs  
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Quote from Wikipedia:

Don Gil de Alcalá is a comic opera in three acts with music by Manuel Penella Moreno andSpanish libretto by the same composer. It is considered to be halfway between opera and zarzuela ; the author considered it a chamber opera . It premiered on October 27 , 1932 at the Teatro Novedades in Barcelona.

The play, inspired by the play El sí de las niñas by Leandro Fernández de Moratín , takes place in Veracruz ( New Spain ) at the end of the 18th century .. Niña Estrella, a mestizo orphan raised by the governor, she will leave school that day because she must marry Don Diego, an old nobleman. However, she Niña Estrella is in love with Don Gil de Alcalá, a handsome young soldier. On the way, the governor and Don Diego fall into the ambush of a group of bandits, but Don Gil and his sergeant Carrasquilla come to his aid and rescue. The grateful governor promises the soldier a substantial reward. Later, Don Gil confesses to Niña Estrella that he devised the ambush so they could be together. The governor discovers the rumors of Estrella’s devotion to Don Gil. And don Diego leads the group of bandits who identify Don Gil as the man who paid them to kidnap the governor’s group. The Viceroy sentences him to go to the border to fight against the dangerousZacatecas Indians who have rebelled, which is almost certain death. Don Gil confesses to his crime, pointing out that he acted out of love for him. Chamaco hears that the governor confesses to having had an illegitimate son with a Madrid washerwoman, and then he plans for Don Gil to pass himself off as the governor’s illegitimate son. Don Gil and Carrasquilla are going to say goodbye. In the course of his effusive apology, Don Gil manages to talk about some affective details of his childhood on the Manzanares river in Madrid , which miraculously coincides with what the governor told the father confessor about his illegitimate son. Very moved, the governor lifts the punishment of the young soldier and embraces his lost son. He offers Estrella’s hand to his new son. They end up together.

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