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FULL DIE OPERNPROBE (Lortzing) Rio de Janeiro 2023 Paulo Maria, Carolina Morel, Marcus Gehrard, Renato Lima

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Cast June 25
Cristóbal Rioseco (Johann), Jacqueline Rezende (Hannchen), Gustavo Ballesteros (Adolph), Carlos Côrtes (Conde), Renata Vianna (Louise), Julia Riera (Condessa), Renato Lima (Velho Barão), Moisés Hills (Christopher) e Daniel Zanatta (Martin).

Die Opernprobe (The opera rehearsal), also titled Die vornehmen Dilettanten (The distinguished dilettantes), is a comic opera (Spieloper) in one act by Albert Lortzing, to a libretto which he adapted from a play by Philippe Poisson which had been translated by Johann Friedrich Jünger . The premiere was on 20 January 1851 at the Oper Frankfurt.

Lortzing was a successful composer of Spielopern, comic operas with spoken dialogue, from Zar und Zimmermann in 1837 to Der Waffenschmied in 1846. He composed Die Opernprobe in 1850 when he was director of the Neues Friedrich-Wilhelmstädtisches Theater [de] in Berlin, which rarely played operas. For the libretto, he freely adapted a 1733 French play by Philippe Poisson, L’Impromptu de campagne, which Johann Friedrich Jünger had translated to German in 1794, as Die Komödie aus dem Stegreif (The improvised comedy). Lortzing had appeared as a character in the play in Cologne in 1825.

Die Opernprobe premiered on 20 January 1851 at the Oper Frankfurt in a double-bill with Friedrich Kaiser’s comedy Junker und Knecht. The evening was a benefit performance for Samuel Friedrich Hassel who sang the role of The Count. Lortzing, who had been suffering from ill-health and was under considerable stress in his position as the conductor at the newly opened Friedrich-Wilhelmstädtisches Theater in Berlin, was not involved in the preparations for the Frankfurt premiere, nor did he attend the opening night. On the evening of 20 January he had planned to attend a performance of The Barber of Seville at the Königliches Opernhaus in Berlin with his friend Heinrich Otto Stotz . Instead, he returned home and went to bed early. He suffered a stroke during the night and died the next morning.

Unbeknownst to Lortzing, his last opera had a very successful premiere in Frankfurt and remained in the repertoire in Germany until after World War II. It was published by Bartholf Senff in Leipzig in 1899

The action is an opera rehearsal in a hall of a count’s palace with a view towards the garden, in 1794. The amateur performers include the servants. Hannchen, a servant, is the conductor. The story includes a strange nobleman who had escaped an arranged marriage to a woman he did not know. He falls in love with Louise and in the end, after complications, finds out that she was the bride his uncle had planned for him.


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