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FULL Der Zar lässt sich fotografieren (Weill) Hamburg Hochschule für Musik und Theater

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Plot by Wikipedia:
Madame Angèle runs a well-known photo studio in Paris. An assistant and an apprentice are at her side. One day she receives a phone call telling her that in a few minutes the Tsar of Russia will be there to have her photograph taken. As she and her staff make preparations, the doorbell rings and five men rush in with a woman and an underage boy who seems to be struggling. Armed, the men force Madame to let them use the studio. They tie and gag the staff and make it to the next room. They install a shooting system in the camera and connect it to the trigger. Apparently the gang is planning an assassination attempt on the tsar.

The time has come: the tsar enters the studio. The men have since gone into hiding, so the woman seems to be alone with the tsar. But he is in no hurry to be photographed. Instead, he enjoys the view of Paris from the window and wants to talk to the photographer. Finally, he also hits upon the idea of appearing as a photographer himself before a picture is taken of him. As the object of his desire he has chosen Madame, whom he likes more and more. He wants to take a picture of her home with him. He becomes more and more intrusive and wants to kiss her. He almost believes he has achieved what he wants when she puts a record with “Tango Angèle” on the gramophone.

After a number of arguments between the tsar and the “boss” of the studio, the gang notices that the house is surrounded by security forces. Now there is only one goal: escape.

In the next room, the real madame manages to free herself from her bonds. The police are already shaking the locked door. For fear of losing her good reputation, she should not find out anything about the unpleasant incident. Madame rushes to the camera and presses the shutter button. A deafening shot follows. Police officers break in and demand an explanation. Madame manages to convince her with flimsy arguments that everything is quite harmless.

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