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FULL Der automatische Teufel (Pabst&Everhartz) Vienna 2000 sirene Operntheater

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  • Published by: sirene  
  • Date Published: 2022  
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  • Subtitles: yessubs, desubs  
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An absurd dialogue by Kristine Tornquist with music by Daniel Pabst and Jury Everhartz
September 25, 27, 28 and 30, 2000 | siren opera theater in the Dietheater Künstlerhaus Vienna

00:00 overture
05:04 prologue. House maid and family
06:25 Scene 1. Ahoy. The language of the mind
10:05 Scene 2. Goodbye. The language of the body
1:46 pm Scene 3. Ahoy & Adieu. The encounter
20:35 Scene 4. Goodbye & Ahoy. Approximations
29:26 Scene 5. Ahoy & Adieu. misunderstandings
35:47 Scene 6. Adieu & Ahoy. The sad ending
41:22 Scene 7. Ahoy & Adieu. The happy ending
48:18 applause

Two strange guests live in a shabby hotel – an allegory of the body, stubborn, speechless and energetic, an allegory of the spirit, fantastic, idiosyncratic and unreal. The confrontation that follows the appearance of the automatic devil is ominous. The body’s attempt to drag its head into its room like prey fails because of resistance; the subsequent speech lessons that the head would like to teach the speechless confuse the body so that it ravages the room and flees. In a first final, both of them, alone in their rooms, complain about the losses and the unrest that the encounter has left, until the maid, the soul of the hotel, who has observed everything, asks them to behave appropriately according to the hotel. Then head and body attempt a truce in a second finale, which, however, already betrays the further wars … an open ending. The host, his son and his father sit on a sideline and comment on the scene

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