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FULL Dead Souls (Pantykin) Yekaterinburg 2021 Sverdlovsk Theater of Musical Comedy

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The performance presented to the audience is not just a staging, not a retelling in theatrical language of the poem of the same name, but an original work with its own plot, dramaturgy, system of characters and images. “The Case of the Dead Souls” will turn into a real adventurous comedy with elements of mysticism and love melodrama. And the ending, as in a dashing detective story, will be completely unpredictable.

You didn’t get it in school! Imagine: the inveterate swindler Khlestakov and a certain Chichikov are good friends. Moreover, the latter is a crushing handsome man, whose cherished dream is to “get into the kings” at any cost. But, as you know, for every rogue – “a dozen scoundrels.”

The performance was created specifically for the Sverdlovsk Theater of Musical Comedy. The world premiere took place in 2009 in Yekaterinburg. At the festival “Golden Mask” -2010 performance became a sensation and was awarded four awards: “Best Performance”, “Best Director”, “Best Conductor” and “Best Composer”.

Pavel Chichikov – Yevgeny Tolstov
Selifan, driver – Pavel Dralov
Petrushka, Lackey – Alexei Litvinenko
Governor of the N-th province – Alexander Kopylov
Praskovya Fedorovna, Spouse of the Governor – Svetlana Kochanova
Lizonka, daughter of the governor – Ekaterina Moshchenko Nice
lady – Irina Tsybina
Lady, pleasant in all respects – Svetlana Pavlova
Nozdrev – Igor Ladeyshchikov
Plyushkin – Vladimir Fomin
Korobochka – Vladimir Smolin
Manilov – Nikolai Kaplenko
Sobakevich – Alexey Chernoskutov
Chairman of the Chamber – Leonid Chugunnikov
Prosecutor – Anton Sergeev
Police Chief – Oleg Prokhorov
Postmaster – Alexander Mezyukha
Police captain – Vadim Zhelonkin
Mrs. Manilova – Svetlana Berezhnaya
Mrs. Sobakevich – Svetlana Yachmeneva
The owner of the fashion salon – Olga Kultysheva The
cook in Nozdrev’s house – Zhanna Biryuchinskaya

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    1. People who are experienced with downloading should not have any problems!
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  2. Thanks. But the instructions on how to use Download Helper are only a little less complicated than those for building a linear accelerator. I guess I’ll have to skip this one.


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