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FULL Chaliapin-FEST Volgograd 2023 Alexey Frolov

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Information on the Performance
Information about the Recording
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  • Date Published: 2023  
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Fyodor Chaliapin is an iconic figure in the musical culture of the early 20th century. His unique voice – a high bass – sounded in the best opera halls in the USA, Japan, China, not to mention the countries of Europe. Public recognition of Chaliapin’s talent occurred after the performance of the parts of Borisov Godunov, Ivan the Terrible, Mephistopheles. And then – more! During his career, a colossal repertoire has developed: over 50 roles played in classical operas, more than 400 romances and songs. Exactly 150 years have passed since the birth of the first people’s artist in our country! The significant event is celebrated everywhere with a series of concert programs dedicated to the great opera singer. The Volgograd Philharmonic will also not stand aside. On March 25, the festival-concert “Chaliapin-FEST” will be held. Its opening will take place in the foyer of the Volgograd Philharmonic Society at exactly 15:30 (admission is free). Visitors to the festival are waiting for organized by the Volgograd Regional Universal Scientific Library. M. Gorky exhibition of a collection of publications about Fyodor Ivanovich. In addition, those who wish will be able to enjoy the concert program, which includes works from the repertoire of a brilliant artist (arias from operas by M. Glinka, A. Dargomyzhsky, N. Rimsky-Korsakov, etc., romances “I go out alone on the road”, “Don’t sing , beauty with me”, folk songs “Oh you, darling”, “On the Murom path”, etc.). It will be presented in vocal and instrumental performance by students and teachers of several departments of the Volgograd Institute of Arts and Culture. The festival will be accompanied by a presentation of photographs of Fyodor Ivanovich, as well as his portraits painted by Russian artists.


M. P. Mussorgsky “The Bogatyr Gates” – performed by the orchestra

Accompanied by the orchestra, A. Frolov sings:

G. Rossini Don Basilio’s aria from the opera “The Barber of Seville”

N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov “Song of the Varangian Guest” from the opera “Sadko”

M. P. Mussorgsky, sl. Goethe, trans. A. Strugovshchikov “Flea”

L. Tokarev Rhapsody – performed by the orchestra

Accompanied by the orchestra, A. Frolov sings:

M. Shishkin, sl. M. Lermontov “No, not you, I love you so passionately”

M. Shishkin, sl. L. Grave “The night is bright”

Ya. Feldman, sl. N. Ritter “Coachman, do not drive horses!”

A. Yuriev, sl. B. Andrievsky “Oh, the coachman, drive to Yar”

V. Andreev Waltz “Faun” – performed by the orchestra

Accompanied by the orchestra, A. Frolov sings:

A. Dubuque, sl. V. Sirotina “Street”

r.n.p. “Along the Piterskaya”

V. Gorodovskaya “I’ll go out into the street” – the orchestra performs

r.n.p. “Oh, you are a wide steppe”

r.n.p. “Because of the island to the core”


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