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FULL Baritone Lee Jae-hwan Broadcast Appearances 1988-1998

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Information on the Performance
Information about the Recording
  • Published by: Baritone Jai Whan Lee_official  
  • Date Published: 2017  
  • Format: Broadcast
  • Quality Video: 3 Audio:3
  • Subtitles: nosubs  
  • Video Recording from: YouTube     FULL VIDEO

01 Opera “Rigoletto” Rigoletto_G. Verdi – Quel vecchio maledivami! (He cursed me!) – Bass Cheolmin Lim 0:00
Pari siamo (You’re the same as me) 4:21 — KBS Saturday audience

02 Homecoming (Missing You) [Composed by Chae Dong-seon, Poetry by Jeong Ji-yong] [Original title: Hometown] 8:08 — SBS Memorial Day Special Live at National Cemetery “Song of June”

03 Spring Maiden [Red Nanpa] 11:36 / Lantern in the Mountains [J. Lyons&C. Composed by Hart&the Vegabonds, American folk song] – Singer Sooyeon Choi 14:28 — KBS Open Concert

04 Cats’ Duet [G. Rossini] – Soprano Park Soon-bok 17:51 / On a green day [Song Chang-shik] 21:30 — MBC Youth Concert

05 Swan [No Bong-sik] 25:31 / Opening stream [No Bong-sik] 27:57 — KBS Saturday audience

06 Prologue_R from the opera “Pagliacci” clown. Leoncavallo – (Korean) Si può (Ladies and gentlemen, excuse me…) International Opera Opera “Pagliacci” Introduction 31:21 — KBS Saturday Seat

07 Prologue_R from the clown in Opera “Pagliacci”. Leoncavallo – (Italian native) Si può (Ladies and gentlemen, excuse me…) Permanent Opera Company Opera “Pagliatti” Live performance 35:53 — Seoul Arts Center Opera House

08 La Danza (dance)_G. Rossini 41:35 — Concert to celebrate the inauguration of the 14th President Kim Young-sam

09 Sanchon [Cho Doo-nam] 46:58 — KBS Jeongdaun Gagok

10 Musica proivita (Forbidden Song)_S. Gastaldon 49:03 — KBS Jungdaun Song

11 Leaving ship [Byeonhun] 52:30— MBC Gagok Night

12 Barley field [Yoon Yong-ha] 55:44 — SBS 4th anniversary special live broadcast The World Opened with Love

13 From Opera “La Traviata” Chunhee_G. Verdi – Di Provenza il mar, il suol (To Provenza’s hometown with the sun and sea) 59:07 — KBS Saturday audience first broadcast in 1994

14 Evening [Seongcheon Lee] 1:03:45 — KBS Gugak Hanmadang

15 Pioneer [Cho Doo-nam] – Tenor Yoo Seok-pyeong (Yanbian, China) 1:06:39 / Opera “La Traviata” Chun-hee _G. Verdi – Di Provenza il mar, il suol (To Provenza’s hometown with the sun and sea) 1:11:35 — MBC Our Song

16 Musica proivita (Forbidden Song)_S. Gastaldon 1:16:17 / Mountain [Cho Doo-nam] 1:20:27 — MBC Our Song

17 Long live the motherland! [Kim Gyu-hwan] 1:25:21 – Mezzo-soprano Kim Shin-ja – Live at the 78th anniversary section 3.1 ceremony

18 Funiculi – Funicula [Denza] 1:27:57/ Non ti scordar di me (Don’t forget me) [Curtis] 1:30:46 – Soprano Hyejeong Yang — MBC Youth Concert

19 Music Concert Interview with Teacher (Teacher: Bass Lee Byeong-doo) 1:35:03 — KBS Morning Run

20 Pioneer [Doonam Jo] 1:40:41 – Seoul Wind Ensemble Conductor Hyunsuk Seo — SBS New Year’s Concert

21 Mamma (Mother) [Bixio] 1:44:59 — SBS Concert Music World

22 Are you coming? [Kim Gyu-hwan] 1:48:12 — MBC Gagok Night

23 Largo al factotum della cità (I am the best barber in town) [G. Rossini] 1:51:58 / Cats’ Duet [G. Rossini] 1:56:44 – Soprano Park Jeong-won — Armed Forces Day Special ROTC 35th Anniversary Concert

24 Vive l’amour vive la compagnie (Long live love, long live lovers!) 2:00:24 / Edelweiss, Edelweiss – Tenor Donggyu Choi, Tenor Kyung Kim, Baritone Jaehwan Lee, Bass Yohan Kim 2:05:05 — KBS Open Concert

25 Pioneer [Doo-Nam Jo] 2:08:05 – Soprano Mi-Hye Park, Mezzo-Soprano Nam-Ok Baek, Tenor Jin-Won Kim, Baritone Jae-Hwan Lee, Bass Hyun-Myung Oh — Live SBS Memorial Day National Cemetery

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