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FULL BABI REVOLT (Ptichkin) Vladimir 2017 Operetta Theater Folk Collective

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Evgeny Ptichkin’s operetta was written in 1975 based on the early stories of M. Sholokhov, and at the end of December 1976 appeared on stage of the Leningrad Theater of Musical Comedy directed by V. Buturlin. The libretto of The Woman’s Revolt dates back to 411 BC, when Aristophanes, in his comedy Lysistrata, first showed on the ancient stage a strike of women who wanted to see their husbands at home and not on the battlefields.

The plot of the comedy is simple: in a Cossack farm, life flowed quietly and peacefully – the men drank moonshine, and the women were beaten, and they did not contradict their husbands in anything and diligently did housework. But then Nastya returned from the city to her native land and began to teach the local Cossack women a new life, to awaken their self-consciousness. And the women decided to teach their husbands and suitors a lesson for unrestrained drunkenness, and for humiliation, and staged a real rebellion, only – a woman. It turned out that it was a very difficult task to cook dinner, wash clothes, look after the children. The Cossacks are beginning to understand that if life is bad with a woman, then without a woman it is even worse. And the men went to beg for forgiveness

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