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FULL Aşk-ı Memnu (Selman Ada) Izmir 2009 Burcu Kılıç Sayın, Aytül Büyüksaraç, Teyfik Rodos

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Aşk-ı Memnu is a two-act opera composed by Selman Ada . The libretto was written by Tarık Günersel , based on Halid Ziya Uşaklıgil ‘s famous romance novel of the same name .

In the work, the lifestyle of a rich and idle social class living in Istanbul at the end of the 19th century; and a forbidden love experience is discussed. The work, which was adapted as a theater play 100 years after the novel was written, was staged as an opera in 2003.

The world premiere of the opera was performed by Mersin State Opera and Ballet in Mersin on 23 January 2003. Work, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality CRR Opera-Orchestra and Chorus (10-22 March 2003), Ankara State Opera and Ballet (2007), Izmir State Opera and Ballet (2009), Antalya State Opera and Ballet (2011). ) and Samsun State Opera and Ballet (2015)

Plot summary
Place: Istanbul Time: Late 19th century

Act I
The first wife of Adnan Bey, a rich man living in Istanbul at the end of the 19th century, committed suicide a while ago. Mr. Adnan marries Bihter, who is 35 years younger than him, for the second time. Firdevs Hanım, Bihter’s mother, is against her daughter marrying an elderly person, but she is also interested in Adnan Bey. Bihter to her new husband Adnan Bey; He cannot manage to adapt to her home and to Nihal, his daughter from his first marriage. Adnan Bey’s daughter Nihal is also introvert and does not like Bihter because she cannot get along with her. He spends most of his time with Nihal’s governess, Mademoiselle De Courton, and one of the house’s butlers, Beşir. To the governess Adnan Bey; Butler Beşir has a platonic love for Nihal. Behlül, Adnan Bey’s nephew, is also a member of the household. Behlül, a playboy young man, begins to flirt with Bihter and tries to seduce her. Bihter’s personal desires and her own conscience are in conflict. First, Bihter follows her conscience and resists Behlül. But after some hesitation, she soon gives in to her desires and falls in love with Behlül.

II. Curtain
The love between Behlül and Bihter is lived secretly, secretly and passionately. But for both of them, this love turns their lives into hell. Behlül starts to be flirtatious again and his interest in Bihter has decreased. Bihter, on the other hand, is already feeling great remorse for cheating on her husband, and Behlül’s flirtatiousness and his decreasing interest in her are driving Bihter crazy. While Behlül and Bihter are on a getaway together one day, they are seen by Mademoiselle De Courton. This scares Bihter very much. She asks her husband Adnan Bey to fire Mademoiselle De Courton from her job as a governess. Adnan Bey’s daughter, Nihal, has grown up over time and become a nice young girl. Growing up, young girl Nihal attracted the attention of her cousin Behlül. Behlül asks his uncle Adnan Bey to marry his daughter Nihal, and Adnan Bey consents. But Bihter, who is still in love with Behlül, understands that with this April and marriage, she must break off her relationship with Behlül and sees that everything is over for her own love of Menu. Admitting that it is no longer important for her to live on the day of Behlül and Nihal’s engagement ceremony, Bihter kills herself. Bihter’s suicide leaves the whole family and the engagement ceremony in pain and blood.

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