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FULL ANNA KARENINA (Tibor Kocsák) Opera-Musical Budapest 2019 Polyák Lilac, Postman Viktor, Sándor Sasvári

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  • Date Published: 2018  
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  • Video Recording from: YouTube     FULL VIDEO

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Twenty-five years ago, the Madách Theater presented the musical-opera of Tibor Kocsák and Tibor Miklós, Anna Karenina, based on the novel of the same name by Lev Tolstoy, which is an epic of the power, beauty and vulnerability of the female sex. Anna is a witty, wonderful young lady who, according to the customs of the Moscow salons, lives a harmonious life as the wife of an older man, but devoid of emotional vibrations, until she meets Vronsky at a ball and falls passionately in love with the dahlia cavalry officer. The relationship causes a scandal in the domestic and conventional social milieu, and the life of the heroine turns into a tragedy. Even after a century, the reader can feel Anna’s love and anguish close to him, viewer, although the drawing of the elegant ruthlessness of the worldly society buzzing around the heroine is now just news from the sunken history “The greatest social novel of world literature” – Thomas Mann praised Anna Karenina – it was both the writer’s artistic farewell to love and his mental preparation for the role of prophet. Lev Tolstoy’s social criticism embedded in a romantic novel inspired the art world several times, and thanks to Tibor Kocsák and Tibor Miklós, the Hungarian musical opera version of the novel was completed.

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