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FULL ALL IN THE MIND (Edward Lambert) London 2004

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Information on the Performance
Information about the Recording
  • Published by: The Music Troupe  
  • Date Published: 2013  
  • Format: Streaming
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  • Video Recording from: YouTube     FULL VIDEO

Opera in one act for community performance. Libretto by the composer. 2004 70’
Commissioned by W11 Opera (now London Youth Opera) and performed at the Britten Theatre, London in December 2004

What will life be like several millennia form now? Not on Planet Earth, of course, but on The White Moon, a planet with two suns, where it is always day and never night. Is the human race any wiser? All in the Mind is a cautionary tale in which our past, present and future is all mixed up. It takes its cue from the legend of Doctor Faustus – and several contemporary issues.

The action is set in the future on a planet called The White Moon where a company called Clever Clones makes human beings to order; it has also made an artificial Brain capable of great thoughts. When the company runs into trouble, the Emperor, Mighty Rich, and his Ministers persuade the company’s Scientists to implant in a batch of new clones digitized thoughts, memories and dreams saved by people long ago. By this means, some Earthlings from an earlier age – our own, perhaps – are reincarnated. Amidst general rejoicing at having created eternal life, the company’s fortunes soar, but the Brain, who has been consulted from time to time, suggests the Scientists must go on a mission through space and time to discover the nature of right and wrong.
Having run the gauntlet of Bouncers, the Earthlings encounter the Emperor again at a party in the Black Hole where Nic Night, a prisoner, sings about imminent oblivion. The Earthlings fondly remember their previous life on Earth but, when they express a desire to return there, find they are trapped: the Emperor has set his sights on their priceless souls which he wants to carry off into his underworld. The scheme to help Clever Clones was merely a means to the end and he now summons up the forces of infinite gravity to finish everyone off. When the Scientists enter, they find the Earthlings have perished and everyone else has vanished except for Nic Night whom they release and lead away.
Back on the Moon, the Earthlings awake from what they assume has been a terrible nightmare; the Emperor arrives at Clever Clones to take charge and a battle of wits ensues. Suddenly the Scientists appear with Nic Night: it turns out he is the rightful king of the Moon who was deposed long ago and sent into exile. So was the Black Hole real? If so, was there a ‘deeper magic’ – or a force greater than gravity? Or have dreams invaded the conscious world?
Nic suggests the people should decide who will be their leader – under him life will be more fun, but less certain. In the face of threats from the Emperor, the workers reject this idea, but when the Earthlings announce their decision to depart for home – and mortality – the people choose Nic. The Brain, who by now has worked out the difference between good and evil, laments its inability to join the human race; it will continue to do the thinking – while, under their singing King, the rest can make music.
However, with the passing of time the Brain becomes obsolete, and is consigned to the Museum of Ancient Science…


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