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FULL ALFONSO UND ESTRELLA Budapest 2022 Patrick Grahl, Lydia Teuscher, Krešimir Stražanac

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Alfonso und Estrella (Alfonso and Estrella), D 732, is an opera with music by Franz Schubert, set to a German libretto by Franz von Schober, written in 1822. Along with the later Fierrabras, composed in 1823, it marks Schubert’s attempt to compose grand Romantic opera in German, departing from the Singspiel tradition. Unlike Fierrabras, it contains no spoken dialogue.

In close collaboration with von Schober in the region of Sankt Pölten, Schubert wrote the vocal numbers of Alfonso und Estrella between September 1821 and February 1822. Schober, only one year older than the young Schubert, and a dabbler in literature, music and theatre, was enthusiastic about the collaboration. Schubert and Schober shared an appreciation for the operatic theories of Ignaz von Mosel, a patron of Schubert’s, who supported Gluck’s operatic ideals. This influence may have led to the omission of all spoken dialog, parting from the German Singspiel form followed in operas such as Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte, Beethoven’s Fidelio, and Carl Maria von Weber’s Der Freischütz.

Alfonso is the son of the deposed King Froila, of León. Froila is concerned that Alfonso is anxious to lead a revolt against Mauregato, the usurper of Froila’s throne. At the court of Leon, Adolfo, an ambitious general, is in love with Estrella, the daughter of Mauregato. However, Mauregato has said that only the man who has the “Chain of Eurich” may marry Estrella. Angry at being denied Estrella in marriage, Adolfo plans a coup against Mauregato.

During a hunting expedition, Estrella is separated from her party. She and Alfonso meet and fall in love, unaware of the identity of the other. Alfonso gives Estrella a necklace that he has always carried, and directs her on a safe path home. Back at court, she tells her story, and Mauregato recognizes the necklace as the “Chain of Eurich”. Before he can tell her of its meaning, the rebellion led by Adolfo has begun, and Adolfo captures Estrella. Alfonso learns that Estrella is Mauregato’s daughter, and then sides with Mauregato against the rebels. Mauregato’s forces defeat Adolfo, and Alfonso rescues Estrella. However, Mauregato has a crisis of conscience, and he restores Froila to his throne. In turn, Froila gives up his power to Alfonso and Estrella.

Historically, the Kingdom of León did have a king called Froila, whose son was Alfonso, and the kingdom was in their time troubled by instability and power struggles, including a possible usurpation by a Mauregatus.

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