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Information on the Performance
Information about the Recording
  • Published by: Astrakhan Opera and Ballet Theater  
  • Date Published: 2022  
  • Format: Streaming
  • Quality Video: 4 Audio:4
  • Subtitles: nosubs  
  • Video Recording from: YouTube     FULL VIDEO

The Astrakhan Opera and Ballet Theater presents the concert program “Echo of Memory” in two parts

In the first part, the cantata “Alexander Nevsky” to the music of Sergei Prokofiev will be performed. The cantata was performed in triumph in September 2021 as part of the Russian Operas in the Astrakhan Kremlin project. Prokofiev’s work is distinguished by a keen sense of modernity and a reflection of important events in Russian history. The music, which originally appeared for the film of the same name, which was staged in 1938 by film director Sergei Mikhailovich Eisenstein, seems to resurrect the heroic struggle of the troops of Alexander Nevsky with the  knights-crusaders.

      In the second part, the audience will hear lyrical songs of the war years. Theater artists will perform the most touching and heartfelt songs that helped to survive all the hardships of the war. The concert program includes: “Random Waltz”, “It’s time to hit the road”, “Echo of love”, “Clouds in blue”, “Moments”, “If there was no war”, “Cranes” and others. Lyrical songs of the war years will be performed by Andrey Shitikov, Konstantin Sklyarov, Sergey Taranenko, Yana Pavlova, Alexander Malyshko, Tatyana Kachanova, Rafael Shukurov, Timofey Vershinin, Dmitry Sharmanov, Tatyana Chupina, Anna Kadenkova, Andrey Puzhalin, Zinaida Dyuzhova.

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