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FULL Akpatyr (Sapaev) Yoshkar-Ola 2017

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The Opera “Akpatyr” is the first national opera of the Republic of Mari El. The premiere of the production took place on April 5, 1963. The action takes place during the days of the uprising led by Pugachev. The Mari hero Akpatyr takes an oath of loyalty to the cause of the struggle, but the rebels retreat, the people are confused. Akpatyr dies from a treacherous shot in the back. Dying, Akpatyr calls to join the Russian people.

And in 2017, there took place the premiere of the open-air opera. Nature itself has become one of the main characters in the play. The combination of the national music and native land where the Mari people had long lived, has given strength and energy to the opera. It has ceased to be a theatrical work, but become the life of the people seen by the audience in its historicity. The fusion of music with nature is so harmonious that it sounds like river, field, forest, every leaf of a tree and every blade of grass. Spectators are no longer spectators, but participants in the events. Bonfires are burning around, the sun is setting, fog is creeping from the river, boats are sailing, horses are racing, and real battles are going on.


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