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FULL Aida Paris 2021 Kaufmann Radvanovsky Dudnikova Tezier

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  • Published by: ARTE  
  • Date Published: 2021  
  • Format: Streaming
  • Quality Video: 4 Audio:4
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  1. Perhaps somebody terribly clever will be able to explain this thing (Aida?) to me. Thank you very much.

  2. Alan Fischer writes:
    I agree with them that this is another example of THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES style of directing.
    This is KONZEPT for directorial self platituding instead of sticking to the story and doing something interesting with it WITHIN ITS FRAMEWORK.
    As a singer, if I were doing a production like this, I would be doing it ONLY for the paycheck. There is no redeeming artistic merit in having to stand beside a puppet and singing your soul out to someone who isn’t next to you.
    I suppose the only reason Aida and Amonasro were the puppets is because they are the outsiders….I get that, but why was Amonasro only half a puppet?? Because he was defeated was he only half a King?
    The costumes were silly, the puppets were silly, the concept is silly, and I am sure Verdi would have put a stop to it immediately and withdrawn his opera rather than see it done this way.
    My opinion.

  3. Monstrosity, worst of taste. Call it ‘Art’ desecrates the word. Radvanovsky/Tezier, superb. Kaufmann looks mostly like Napoleon.

  4. Monstrosity, worst of taste, call it ‘Art’ desecrates the word. Radvanovsky/Tezier superb voices. Kaufmann looks mostly like Napoleon.

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