Opera Lovers all over the world visit Opera on Video to view their favorite operas, get information about operas, find where to purchase videos, discuss operas and opera recordings.

Would you like to reach out to those opera fans?

ADVERTISING on website

Opera on Video has up to 100000 visits per month from the whole world (distribution by country available on request)
with up to 500000 page views per month.

We currently offer the following options for you to advertise on

The top central banner is reserved for Google Ads.
The sticky footer banner is reserved for Google Ads
Please contact us via if you wish to make an offer for these banners.

The square ad (200 x 300 pixel) in the right side bar is available for your advertisment(s)
The square ad (180 x 200 pixel) in the left side bar is available for your advertisment(s)

You can either place 100% of the space per month
or you can place a percentage (in steps of 10%).
A 100% placement represents all page views (about 500000 per month) and
your advertisement will be shown to all visitors on all pages.
If you make a 100 % placement you can do this with up to 10 different ad layouts
in which case these will be rotated at a predefined customizable rate.

If  you place your ad only in a percentage of the total pageviews then rotating ads are not possible.
For example if you place an ad for 30% of the page views this represents about 150000 views per month.
As the percentage is based on page views, you may still succeed to reach all 100000 visitors !

You may of course place several different ads: say one for 50% and one for 20%.

We offer regional targeting by continents, regions or countries.
We do not offer pay per click ads.

Please contact us for pricing

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