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FULL A vajda tornya (Dohnány) Budapest 2003 Airizer Massányi Frankó Balatoni

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Information on the Performance
Information about the Recording
  • Published by: m2  
  • Date Published: 2003  
  • Format: Broadcast
  • Quality Video: 3 Audio:3
  • Subtitles: nosubs  
  • Video Recording from: YouTube     FULL VIDEO

Libretto here

The plot of the opera
The Szeklers set out to build a tower against the intrusions of the Pechenegs , but no matter how they try to stack the stones, the walls will always collapse in the end. It is still very difficult to put the keystone on Talabér’s old song, but as soon as it happens, Nemere’s ghost spirit laughs and the building collapses. The spirit of the wage demands human sacrifice: if a woman is sacrificed to her, the tower will no longer fall. The voivode of Orbók and his followers therefore decide that the first person to cross the bridge at dawn will be the woman or girl. Those present swear that the secret will not be revealed to anyone.

Act I
Picture 1: Emelka, only Kund’s wife became out of power. She actually loves Tarján, but she chose Iva as her partner. At the beginning of the act, we see the two women rocking Iva in her little son’s cradle and Emelka working in a weave. Naturally, there is no agreement between them, they do not love each other. Then Kund and Trajan take the stage. Iva wants to leave, but her husband condemns her. Kund can’t stop and tell his wife the secret. Emelka finds a good opportunity to set her rival aside: trick Ivá into going over the bridge at dawn to Orbók Voivodeship.

Picture 2: At dawn in front of the bridge Orbók and Talabér are waiting for the first approaching woman who will cross the bridge. Then they hear Iva singing, but there is nothing they can do about it: the hands of the two men are bound by the agreement. Iva crosses the bridge, the voivode informs him of the Szeklers’ demarcation: he will be the victim who will be walled in the tower. All Iva asks is to leave two openings in the wall through which she can breastfeed her baby. At the end of the act, he prepares for death.

II. act
The tower is rebuilt and stands firmly, but the troubles are not over: a blow strikes the Szeklers after a blow, a curse sits on them. Kund falls in one of the battles against the Pechenegs. Orbók decides to hand over the leadership to his son. Tarján chooses the widow Emelka as his wife. Szeklers camp around the tower, with mournful sighs behind the walls. Emelka comforts her lord: don’t worry, the Hungarians are already on their way to help the Szeklers, but even then the unfortunate man can only think of his loved one. During Talabér, he found the wreck of a tormented man leading him to the Szeklers. Turkevi is the one in whose battle Kund confessed to telling his wife the secret in front of the victim. Emelka reveals herself and admits that she sent Iva to death. Tarján kills the woman. A spring springs from the tower: Iva’s tears in which the man washes the blood from his hands.


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